Project management app

Application prototype and proposal for a dedicated project management system.

Project management app

Streamlined project management tailored to company’s needs

In mid 2020 I prepared a prototype application and project proposal for an international solar energy company. For the development of the prototype, I met with engineers and project managers to learn their processes for planning and building solar energy plants.

The main goal of the application was to make project tracking and verification efficient and quick. Many existing software introduced unnecessary complexities which would slow down the company’s work flow. My proposal presented a streamlined solution where the app would adapt to different kinds of users (engineers, project managers, managers) and present them only with necessary data and functionality.

  • Engineers (supervisors) would use the app mainly as a verification checklist, to quickly update the status of projects.
  • Project managers would use the app to get a general view of all projects statuses and to access and update details of each project.
  • Management and sales would use the app to get an overall view of all the projects and to showcase projects to potential clients.

The prototype was built with React.js, Material-UI and React Router. As part of the proposal, I created video presentations which include screen recordings of the application.



Engineers (Supervisors)

Project Managers

Management and Sales