Animated design app

Cross platform, cloud enabled animation + design App

Animated design app

Design animated visuals anywhere, share them everywhere.

This is an ongoing personal project. It’s goal is to make it easy to create good looking animated visuals anywhere and to be able to export them to any format. The app runs on iOS, Android and Web and user data is synchronized across devices via AWS DataStore. Video encoding is implemented on-device with an AWS Lambda fallback for incompatible devices or browsers.

Graphics are implemented in PIXI.js which provides fast, hardware accelerated, performance. Moreover, several elements such as backgrounds are implemented as WebGL Shaders.

design anywhere export everywhere

Minimal, intuitive and powerful UI

Select an element and the bottom bar automatically updates with the necessary controls. UI controls are minimal yet they display all the information you need while editing. For example: Use colored sliders to colorize elements, use animation select buttons to select among animation options.

Grid menus make it simple to browse and insert elements into the artwork. They can also be used to access saved artworks.

Color Palette system

Artwork colors and related UI adapt to a global color palette. This makes it easy to select color combinations that work out of the box. Moreover, color palettes can be changed at any point in time, making it easy to create variations of artworks. Related UI, such as color sliders automatically update to the current selected palette.

Stretchable artwork

Artworks automatically stretch to fit different aspect ratios. This makes it easy to export to multiple targets, for example: 9:16 (Instagram story), 1:1 (Facebook post), 16:9 (YouTube video).

Generative design tools

Use generative design to create elements. The following example shows a flower generator with different parameters. By adjusting parameters with buttons and sliders, users can create endless variations of animated shapes, backgrounds and other design elements.

Animated colors

Since colors are dynamic, they can be manipulated and animated by selecting and tweaking different parameters.

Synchronized to music

The timeline and all animations are synchronized to a global BPM (beats per minute) value. Just add a song and the artwork will be moving along to the beat.